Love Square 

Everyone desires someone who desires someone else.


I am What I am. You’re What You’re.

The society makes a kid addicted to respect.
In the childhood you need acceptance, believing in you and bit appreciation but when you become an adult and still behave like that child seeking attention, care, love then you are not an adult in real sense you’re just an adult body, then you suffer.

Either you success to get respect, love

Both way you suffer because you think you can get respect and love from other but this is not the case this is against the universal law. Until unless you respect, love yourself nothing gonna change. And the only person you can love is you, your existence, your very being, feeling blissful for being alive; being the way you are, your uniqueness.

You’re ugly. Let it be. God wanted an ugly person he made you.

You’re fat. Let it be. Supreme needed a fat person.

Fuck everyone. You’re you’re don’t give a damn.
What you’re seeking in life, say love, respect, money whatever you call it, it is not something that you get from outside; from others and feel fulfilled. When you stand for yourself when you don’t bother about anyone and live like you actually are without any hypocrite mask.When you express yourself.

Free yourself from others.
Don’t rely on anybody’s acceptance.
Accept yourself and make yourself the only person who can disrespect you.
It should be your conscience out of your experience not morality.
Then you’ll be a man.
That day you’ll know what it is to be a man.
That day you’ll taste the freedom.
Don’t go against society. They’re not worth it. Anything which has no soul is not worth challenging.
Society is not a concrete thing it is phenomenon; more of an idea, it really exists not, society is made up with unconscious individual who starve for acceptance, respect, love, everyone is begging for love.

Fall out of these beggars.
I don’t know what you’re looking for but i certainly know these beggars don’t have anything.

Jump out of it.
Transcendence it.